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Events and Festivals Guide Muscat, Oman

The Muscat Festival 2014

The Muscat Festival is one of the social, tourist and cultural demonstrations, creating a milestone for the tourist attraction on the Arab and international map thanks to the large number of the events attendees from around the world. 

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Muscat Festival

Organised by Muscat Municipality with the launch of the start signal of the preparation and processing of the Festival next session, which will inaugurate its activities with the beginning of 2013 with a new look and renewable global events with varying their locations to cover the largest segment of the Sultanate and embodying the development and thrive wheel under the rational and wise leadership of our ruler HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may Allah protect him, the Muscat Municipality is looking forward to the concerted efforts and continued support of the private sector for this rich-in-diversity event. This is accomplished through the different financial and in-kind contributions on which we depend a lot for the success of this event, in return for many promotional and marketing privileges that will be granted to the sponsors according to their different categories and volume of contributions.

Muscat Festival | 23 January - 22 February 2014.

Muscat Fashion Week                         
15 - 17. January 2013.

Tour of Oman 2014
18 - 23 February 2014.

Wheels will be on fire in Muscat!
6 Stages 938.5 km | 18 Teams | 144 of the World's Best Cyclists

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Tour of Oman 2013

The Khareef Festival
The Khareef Festival held in Salalah each year is best described as a cultural extravaganza. What makes the event very special is that while the rest of the region is reeling under sweltering temperatures, Salalah experiences cooling rains from the southwest monsoon winds that leave the landscape verdant and mist-soaked.

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The phenomenon of rain-bearing fog is locally known as ‘Khareef’ and the season starts in late June and ends in late September. The festival itself is usually held over a six-week period from mid-July until the end of August. The event promotes the Dhofar region and hosts a variety of cultural, sports, and entertainment activities.

Organised by the Dhofar Municipality, the Khareef Festival is promoted as a complete family event and the Baladiya Entertainment Centre was purpose-built as the venue. The facility comprises a main theatre, an open-air theatre, a heritage village as well as extensive fairgrounds.

The Khareef Festival is an excellent showcase of the best in entertainment, culture and arts from Oman and the rest of the region. Plays, folkloric shows, concerts by prominent Arab and Gulf singers, a kite festival, children’s theatre, heritage village and an Omani poetry forum are some of the attractions, where culture, heritage and modernity intertwine.
Salalah’s Tourism Festival runs from mid-July to late-August, with the Khareef extending to the end of September.

Cultural Theatre Program
Every year, during the period from December to the end of March, the Ministry of Tourism organises a number of cultural evenings at the ancient Al Flayj Castle Theatre, hosting popular groups from around the world.
The Ministry also organises similar evenings in Al Morooj Theatre, Salalah, Dhofar Governorate. 

The Extreme Sailing Series
The Sultanate of Oman will play host to the world’s most exciting sailing event as part of Muscat Festival. Ten top professional teams will compete in Muscat as part of the first leg of an 11-month, 9 event global circuit that continues to change the way sailing is seen.
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Oman Sail

Sultan Camel Race Cup
Due to the encouragement shown by H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, considerable attention is paid to the annual National Camel Races Festival to enhance this genuine and ancient Omani traditional sport and impress upon Oman’s glorious history.
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